2D Camera Array Multi View Sequence

Download link of multi view static image data of 2D camera array for light field, ray space and multi view researches.

Detail of this data set is here [pdf]. This data set is corrected and rectified by this algorithm [1].

[1] M. Ota, N. Fukushima, T. Yendo, M. Tanimoto and T. Fujii, "Rectification of Pure Translation 2D Camera Array," Proc. of IWAIT2009, 0044, Jan. 2009. [pdf]

The rendering or view synthesis results of free viewpoint image from the data set are summarized as follows [2].

[2] N. Fukushima and Y. Ishibashi, "Client Driven System of Depth Image Based Rendering," ECTI Transaction CIT, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 15-23, Nov. 2011. [pdf]


This data set has 81 x 81 (6561) views and all images are rectified. Each distance between the nearest cameras is vertically and horizontally same, and it is 2mm.


Camera Parameter



All images are compressed by PNG format and binded by TAR format. The download links are here. The total size of thses images is huge so the data is splited into 5 tar archives. (data is available by e-mail)